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Last lecture of my first year..

6 Ebrill 2014

So, its my final lecture tomorrow, and I can’t believe how fast first year has gone. Despite the fact its my final full week here 🙁 I’m quite looking forward to it! Between nights out, Birthday meals- (Happy Birthday Gwenno Williams :)) and Varsity, and the fact that I only have 1 2 hour lecture for the whole week, yeah.. I am looking forward (:

Last week was pretty similar to this week lecture wise, as I’ve finished most of my modules, and have handed in most of my course work, I didn’t have many lectures, so I decided on Thursday i’d go home (I live a two hour train journey, and a half an hour drive away, so going home is easy! ) When I was at home though, I noticed the little things, that made my life there, different to the life I live here in Cardiff as a student.

Differences between Student life here, and life at home:

Example A- Sleeping. Here I can go to sleep whenever I want- same goes for at home. However, here I am more likely to stay up late having chats with my flat mates about really random topics! Nights out are also late – or early.. which ever way to want to look at it, sleep isn’t the top priority. When I was at home though, my family didn’t want to talk until the early hours, and TV got boring, and well even though I tried to get to sleep early, the late nights here have made sleeping early nearly impossible.

B- Everything in Cardiff is soooo convenient. I mean i’m in town in 5 minutes, in my lecture theatre in less than a play of a song on my phone, and Tesco’s is just up the road, and if i ever need anything its not long before I’m back in my flat! Where as at home, in the beautiful countryside where I do live ( and I love ), things.. well just aren’t so convenient. Public transport doesn’t go anywhere near my house, therefore Driving is a must! In comparison to university, at home, school was a 15 minute drive, the same distance to the nearest town, and if I just wanted  something from a shop- it would mean a 2 mile walk, or drive!

C- Shopping. Cardiff City Centre is great for shopping, and I know that being a student does not allow for this to happen that often, but I do it anyway.. maybe a bit too often (Sorry Bank Account 🙁 ). Shoes are my obsession, and another week meant another pair of shoooes (: (no I don’t buy a pair a week, but I have bought quite a few pairs since moving to Cardiff). At home the nearest proper town (meaning, there’s actual clothes shops, and a cinema there too.. ) is half an hour away. Therefore i’ve just resulted in buying my clothes for the summer here.. (again Sorry Bank Account) .


Despite all these though, there is no better feeling than going home, living with your parents, seeing everyone and catching up 🙂 But then the same goes for coming back to Cardiff! When you’re at one place you miss the other, then when you go where you want to, you want to go back to where you were before? Get what I mean!? Haha. .. Sorry if you don’t 😛


Speak Soon Dudes (:

(P.s Leave a comment if you want!)