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How to Prepare for the Start of a New University Year

21 Awst 2020

We are just over a month away from the start of a brand new uni year, and I’m surely not the only one who can’t believe how quickly it has come around!

Whether you are an excited yet nervous fresher, or a soon-to-be dissertation swamped third year, there are a number of ways every student can prepare for the beginning of a fresh academic year.

Mental Preparation

This is perhaps one of the most crucial ways that you can get ready for the impending autumn semester. By now, you might have gotten a little too accustomed to that chilled summer feeling, and a little too out of practice with those 9am starts and all important time management skills. Although by all means make the most of your time off and relax, for your own benefit, you may want to start sorting out your sleep schedule into a more, let’s say, regular pattern.

I know for one that after the summer holidays, writing that first essay is an almost alien feeling. It’s like I can barely remember how to string a coherent and academic sounding sentence together! To tackle this, take a look over some of your previous work and highlight where you strengths and weaknesses are.

Start Sorting

It might be an idea to make a start on sorting out all the stuff you want to take to your uni accommodation. I find it useful to compile a checklist of things – sectioning it into bedroom, kitchen, bathroom etc. so when it comes to moving in day I have everything I need!

Get ahead of the Reading

Start as you mean to go on – it is never a bad thing to be one step ahead of the game. Have a quick glance over a reading or two so you get a feel for the kind of content you will be exploring over the semester. As a result, you will be able to make more sense out of your first few classes!

Stationary and Textbook check

There is nothing worse than rolling up to the first lecture of the year and realising that you are completely under-equipped to make the most out of it. Before you start, make sure you have a pencil case loaded with all the goods you need (including a pen or two that actually work!) Additionally, check through your emails to make sure you have got all the necessary textbooks that your lecturers have told you to purchase. If you haven’t already been told this though, don’t stress – usually the first lecture of your modules will confirm whether you need to actually buy any books.

Know your Modules

Although you may not have your timetable yet, it is always a good idea to remind yourself exactly what modules/topic areas you will be studying in the upcoming year. Have another glance through your module outlines and get aquatinted with some of the key readings. This way, when the term does start, you will be the first one in the library to snag those limited copies of the essential books.

Get your finances in order

At this point, you should have all your loans in place and know how much money you will be receiving in your first loan drop. If not, log on to your student finance account on the government website and double-check. Starting to budget for freshers week now will also save you a ton of stress later down the line and means you will know just how much you can splash on having fun!