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AstudioSwyddi a phrofiad gwaith

End of an era

24 Gorffennaf 2018

So three years are up and most of my mates are moving away but there’s a few of us who are sticking around to continue our journey with Cardiff Uni in postgraduate study. It’s the start of a new chapter and the worry about meeting new people on a new course is quashed by the feeling of pride of completing undergrad. I’m in a new flat for this year, starting a new course with new people in a new building and although the journalism building is by central station and a 40 minute walk from my flat I’ve never felt more excited about starting a course. This masters is something I never thought I’d do and I can honestly say I’m doing this entirely for me, it’s something I feel I can do, and do well and if I didn’t try it I’d always regret it.

In preparation for the course I’ve already started learning shorthand, and I’ve completed a weeks work experience at Media Wales working with the news desk to write stories ringing people for quotes and even attending court and sitting in the press box and making notes.

 The last year of university has pushed me to step up my game, there were times I could have let it slip and my grades would have suffered but I kept reminding myself that it would be pointless to stop trying so close to the end, and my 2:1 has shown that all the perseverance paid off. Now onto the next chapter!