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Video Blog – Toby talks Accommodation

Video Blog – Toby talks Accommodation

Postiwyd ar 2 Mehefin 2014 gan Toby

It wasn't until I had decided on a topic and actually sat down in front of my camcorder when I realised that talking into a lens is harder than it […]

First Year Halls – Senghennydd Court

Postiwyd ar 27 Mai 2014 gan Hannah

Yep it's the best name ever! I've heard it pronounced sooo many different ways. It's pronounced Sen-gen-eth, but variations include Seng-hen-eeed (the one I was using for the first week […]

Last lecture of my first year..

Postiwyd ar 6 Ebrill 2014 gan Rhian

So, its my final lecture tomorrow, and I can't believe how fast first year has gone. Despite the fact its my final full week here :( I'm quite looking forward […]

Welcome to Cardiff University!

Postiwyd ar 13 Hydref 2013 gan Hannah

Well hello newbie freshers, old pro freshers and future freshers alike :) How are we all? Firstly a massive welcome, hello and congratulations to the newbie freshers for getting into […]