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Interview: My Geography and Planning degree at Cardiff University

Interview: My Geography and Planning degree at Cardiff University

Postiwyd ar 19 Mehefin 2014 gan Madeleine

1.   What makes Cardiff such a great place to study Geography & Planning? I didn’t choose Cardiff, Cardiff chose me!  (*laughs*) Seriously, I chose Cardiff School of Planning and Geography […]

Packing up a student house…

Postiwyd ar 15 Mehefin 2014 gan Madeleine

You've finished exams, coursework has been handed in and you've re-lived freshers week at the tail end of the year. All that's left? The dreaded packing. You will have accumulated […]

What to take away from 'Assessment Centres'

Postiwyd ar 21 Ebrill 2014 gan Madeleine

Easter Holidays are bitter sweet for students. If you’re in your first year it’s normally a great opportunity to go home, relax, rewind, be fed and pull yourself back together […]

Let life run its course, don't let the course run you.

Postiwyd ar 29 Awst 2013 gan Madeleine

From the age of 13 or 14 we begin to close some doors on our futures as you pick GCSE subjects and then at the young age of 16 you […]

Your home away from home

Postiwyd ar 27 Gorffennaf 2013 gan Madeleine

Going to university is no doubt a milestone in your life and it's about this time of year that you'll be getting information about accommodation and moving in. I'm a […]