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Taking it easy

3 October 2016


This week has been quite different to the last. Having acquired a nice little cough and cold I have taken it easy this week.

I really feel like I am here for the long haul now rather than for a short holiday and I must admit that it is quite a nice feeling.

I am enjoying my little routine, especially my tandems. Today I even got asked for directions by a Spanish lady, which I am taking as a good sign, although I didn’t know the word for corner, so I just hope she got to her destination without any trouble.

We held our first dinner party this week as a group and it was so much fun, it is so nice to do something together and this week it is the turn of Orla and I to host. Wish us luck. Although we should be ok considering the fact that we do now have a working oven. Yet I have heard that it is not the easiest thing to light.

This week I also met up with Juan, a friend from a language course I took in Germany last year. It was so surreal to see him and to meet some of his friends, but it was also so much fun and we even spoke a bit of Spanish to each other. I am excited to start my Spanish language course tomorrow and looking forward to a visit from Shelley and Nicola in a few weeks time. I am using it as an excuse to try out some nice restaurants and different areas of the city.

We spent most of the weekend on the beach, which considering it is October now, is such a luxury. Today marks my one month anniversary here and I am loving it. I have also been shopping more which is, of course making me feel more at home.

Besos, Chloe