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5 October 2016

Last week I visited the place I had been dreaming to go into since I first saw pictures of Valencia – one of the biggest and most astonishing aquariums in Europe! My uncle came on a trip around Spain and while he was staying with me, we decided to explore the beautiful city I am doing my Erasmus in. First, we started off with a little tour around the city centre:


For the record, we weren’t as lost as it might seem on this picture 😀 After the nice walk around the historic buildings, we headed off to The City of Arts and Sciences, one of the symbols of Valencia and a truly fascinating place which is, fortunately, very close to where I live. However, we didn’t know that that day a part of the city centre was closed for all cars and public transport, so we wandered around for at least half an hour until we found were we could get the bus we needed from. Finally, we reached our destination and it was time for a lot of pictures, selfies and lunch…of course 😀



Although it is absolutely amazing from the outside, inside you will find things that can make your breath stop! You just walk in and you suddenly find yourself in another world. Apart from all types of fish and sea creatures from different parts of the world, in Oceanografic you can also see crocodiles, seals, wales, penguins, flamingo, etc. Let’s not forget about the big sharks that literally swim above your head! Moreover, the pace has its own Dolphinarium (it is the biggest in Europe) and you can watch the show with the friendly animals using only your general entrance ticket. If you happen to stay a few days in Valencia and you don’t mind paying a little bit extra, you can try some of the exciting activities that Oceanografic offers, such as sleeping in the underwater tunnel, surrounded by sharks and eels or training a dolphin for a day.