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Summer Programmes


15 July 2016

After staying up late the previous night I was really looking forward to having a long sleep. I would have, if I went to bed at a normal time. But since I stayed up, the noise the carpenter was making from starting work before 9am was not welcome, at all. Regardless it woke me up. We had fried rice and egg for breakfast again, it’s still a little unusual having rice for breakfast, but it’s better than spaghetti bolognaise or stir fry!

Today we went to Splash! What’s that I hear you ask? It’s an amazing water park and obstacle course about 40 minutes away from us in Ubon Ratchathani. We were there by 11am, after taking a 4 person taxi for 5 people, and rushed changing into shorts and tshirts to get in the water. It was so much fun. And a bit of a work out too! We had to balance, pull ourselves up the inflatables, try not to fall off the inflatables and help each other up when we did fall of the inflatables – which happened a lot.


There were ridiculously tall inflatable water slides too. Eilidh decided not to go on the first one, and when I got to the top a part of me wished that I stayed on the ground with her but it was impossible to go back as there was a group of little boys behind me waiting their turn. So I did it, and screamed a little, but it was fun enough to do again. That time however, I somehow turned and ended up sliding backwards into the pool at the bottom. That got a little scary. We then went on another and Eilidh joined us because it was just a long slide. So you climbed up the inflatable to a little platform at the top where we attempted to decide who was going first. It went Aum, then Hannah, Eilidh, me and lastly Kate. When I went down the slide Kate said to lie back because I’d go faster and might reach the pool at the end of the slide, so I did. I again, somehow ended up turning around and sliding backwards halfway down the slide. Although terrifying, it was pretty fun. Sadly I still did not manage to reach the pool.


So it was about two by then and we decided to get lunch. As soon as we saw they had ice cream and chips, there was no going back. It was heavenly. Once we finished we went to get changed so we could go to Central Plaza over the road. But when we got back to the lockers, Eilidh couldn’t find her flip-flops. After changing so we weren’t still dripping everywhere, Aum took us over to security and him and Eilidh watched the park’s CCTV to see if they were stolen. It ended up that a little boy had picked them up and asked his mum if they belonged to them, and the mum, in a rush to get sorted, put them in her locker without realising they didn’t belong to any of them. The kid was really apologetic though, which is quite sweet. So with all of our shoes we walked over to Central Plaza to buy more snacks and a Macdonalds. I was really enjoying the weekend so far.


That evening Ma drove us in the school bus to Coffee House for dinner and drinks.


The school bus was a little slow and rickety, but it definitely had more seats than the taxi.


Dinner there was really nice, I enjoyed a seafood carbonara. As much as I’d had fish recently, none of the dishes we had at school had any cheese in so as soon as I saw it on the menu I was determined to have it. It was a really nice evening just talking with everyone. We mainly talked about places that we should visit in Thailand. It was really warm so we sat outside and even got to see a few strikes of lightening in the distance. We were still able to hear the musicians inside though. It was the first time I had really listened contemporary Thai music, but I shall make a note to listen to more in the future. They sang an English song at one point, which was great to hear. Beforehand, the singer did say that she was a little shy singing it because she was worried that we would judge her accent. It sounded great though, I think she sang an old Michael Jackson song.

We went back soon after that as it was getting late, and I wanted to get a decent amount of sleep before the carpenter started work again.