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Summer Programmes

Nakhonchai Air

14 August 2016

We were up at 7am this morning and rushed out by 7.30am (I had just about enough time to clean my teeth) so that Aum could get us on a van to the right bus station in Bangkok before our bus to Ubon Ratchathani left. We got there and there wasn’t a van going straight to our bus station, but Aum asked the driver to drop us off there. I don’t know what we would do without him. His father also ended up paying for the tickets and then disappeared to go to work, so we didn’t even say goodbye! But hopefully Aum has thanked him for us. We then all hugged Aum and got on the van to leave.

The van was really comfy; I sat at the front of the van, next to the driver so I got all the air con. It did mean that it was cold enough to wear my cardigan. This isn’t a bad thing as I thought the jumpers and cardigans I did bring would just take up space in my suitcase. They do, but occasionally they are helpful.

We were dropped off at the Nakhonchair Air bus station. We found a seveneleven just outside it so we were sorted for snacks and lunch. We got on the bus around 1.15pm, and it was the best bus that I have ever been on. You could move the chairs back without reducing the leg space of the person behind you! We had lap traps and small tvs in the back of the chairs in front of us. As much as we could not watch any film, because they were all in Thai, there was a big choice of music to listen too. Hopefully it would be enough to last the 10 hour journey we had ahead of us.

I managed to sleep most of the way back, which was good since we had not had much sleep all weekend. We got back to the school at 10.30pm, which was earlier than we thought. When I messaged Maprang to tell her, she said that there was lasagne and banoffee pie in the fridge for us, in case we missed food from home. I’m really looking forward to trying both this week.