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Summer Programmes

Nakhon Sawan

13 August 2016

So we thought we had until at least 8am to get ready to go to the waterfall. But would it really be Thailand without surprises? Instead Aum woke us up at 7am and said that we were leaving soon. So we went and got ready…only to be waiting for another hour. We found out later that Aun had gone to pick up a friend before coming back to get us. It just meant we napped and caught up on wifi whilst we waited. When we finally got in the truck we sat in the open back and drove to the market for breakfast, but it began to rain, so we all hopped inside. As much as I have been in the back with three other people many times already, it doesn’t mean I find it any less squished and uncomfortable. On the bright side we had proper pig sticks (not chilli flavoured) and sticky rice for breakfast. It was a bit odd but definitely welcome. We stopped at a petrol station along the way and Kate decided to sit in the back with Aum. The relief of being able to fidget and move my arms, legs and neck without wriggling past someone else’s body was incredible!

We finally got to the national park that the waterfall was at and ate lunch by the river. We had a non-spicy papaya salad and the rest of the pig sticks, while Aum, Aun and his friend at a normal spicy papaya salad. The papaya salad was really nice; I think I’m going to add it to my list of things to eat. And another reason to learn the words ‘not spicy’ in Thai! After lunch we clambered over the rocks to get to the waterfall. And when I say clambered I mean hopped, balanced and unbalanced on rocks with our bare feet.


14112142_10207232698795188_678724732_nI’m just glad I used to do it as a child otherwise I think my clumsiness would have taken over. The waterfall was beautiful. I took a few pictures before going in the water. As much as the water was cold and shallow, it was refreshing and nice to be able to stand in water without it coming up to my neck. Kate and I went under the waterfall after watching Aum and Aun do it. It was colder than our shower at the school and thumped down on us. But it was great at working out the knots in my back.


After spending some time at the waterfall, we went to the aquarium closer to Aum’s house. I decided to sit in the back for the ride there. Not sure it was my best decision as I think I got wind burn from it. In the aquarium we saw fishes and manta rays being fed by a diver in the tank. Not a bad job to have.





DSC_3381Leaving the aquarium we found they had some goats that we could feed and pet. I don’t think I’ve seen Hannah that happy in weeks. It must have reminded her of her farm back home. We then went to a crocodile show nearby. I wish we didn’t. You could guess from the way the presenter dragged the crocodiles around that they were probably sedated. He stuck his hands and head in their mouths without them closing. It didn’t impress me, it just made me feel sick instead.

Moving on rather quickly, we went back to the truck and drove back to Aum’s (I sat inside this time). We then napped until it was time to get ready for dinner. Aum’s parents were taking us out for dinner. We went to one restaurant and were served a spicy fish soup that was heated on top of a flame. But they didn’t have most of the food we had ordered, so we left and went to a garden café. I was really cute; it had fairy lights in the trees and two musicians playing covers quietly on the stage. Aum ordered us a tower of Chang – which is exactly what it sounds like – and said we had to drink it. Which is easier than it sounds as the waiters and waitresses kept refilling our glasses as soon as they were looking half empty. We sat and talked with Aum, his dad and some of their friends for the rest of the night. Apart from one of the friends insisting on teaching us Thai words, which me and Hannah fail to remember any of, it was a really nice end to our weekend with Aum.