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Food Glorious Food

2 December 2016

Since I have been in Sri Lanka I have tried numerous curries, Sri Lankan style street food and traditional snacks. I do love a good curry and I have a little bit of a chilli obsession, so lots of the food has been amazing! Twice a week we have Sri Lankan cooking lessons to try and learn how to make some of the traditional dishes. The one evening we were served our curry and rice wrapped in a banana leaf and we had to eat it with our hands, traditional Sri Lankan style!
The Sri Lankan’s also appear to have a very sweet tooth, eating cakes, biscuits, ice cream and very sugary tea.
Eating traditional Sri Lankan food has made me aware of how their diet is very carbohydrate based with little dairy or calcium content. There is also a very high level of diabetes in the country which doesn’t surprise me knowing the sugary snacks they like to eat.
I have also eaten a Sri Lankan version of a pizza where instead of a tomato sauce base it is made with a curry sauce and then the toppings are added. Quite different but still tasty!

It has made me think about how interesting it would be for a dietitian student to do a placement here, thinking about nutrition for patients especially those in critical situations.