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Andalucía Memories <3

4 December 2016

Last weekend I went on a trip that I hadn’t really planned to do, but it turned out to be the best thing that has happened to me on Erasmus. Although it was raining most of the time, we managed to see some of the most famous and beautiful places in Andalusia (and Spain in general).

Our journey started at midnight on Thursday night as we headed off to MálagaAt one point everyone on the bus was quiet and most likely asleep. After a nice cup of coffee at 100Montaditos, we had a guided tour around the city and we climbed to the top of Alcazaba fortress. The pictures don’t do justice to the magnificent view that reveals itself from there. During our free time, my friends and I visited the museum of Pablo Picasso, the greatest artist of the last century.  15181491_1533293316686714_8408743678155304967_n malaga1 malaga2 malaga3 malaga4 malaga5 malaga6 malaga7

In the late evening we returned to the bus, which took us to our next destination – Granada. We checked into the hostel and as tired as we were, we didn’t give up on exploring the night life of this extremely beautiful city – party it was!!! On Saturday we went to El Mirador De San Nicolas, a place with a breathtaking view to the city and La Alhambra. My favourite picture from there would be the one with all my friends and the ESN flag. After lunch, we spent a few hours in Alhambra and to be honest, I did not want to leave that place. Although we were soaked and sleepy, we had just 2-3 hours of rest at the hostel, after which we headed to a party at the best club in Granada – El Camborio.

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Our last stop was the culturally rich city of Córdoba. Despite the fact that we had had only 4 hours of sleep, we all enjoyed the breathtaking view from the Roman Bridge and La Mezquita de Córdoba. The latter should be on everyone’s bucket list as it represents a rare and enchanting mixture of Arabic/Muslim and Christian influence. After a nice walk around the beautiful small streets of the city, we returned to our bus and so we were on our long way back to Valencia. For the first two hours of our journey everyone was sleeping. Just after our first 15-minute stop we had a minor accident which left most people a little bit shocked and emotional. Fortunately, we all got back safe and unharmed.

cordoba cordoba1 cordoba2 cordoba3 cordoba4 cordoba5 cordoba6 cordoba7

Apart from the new experiences and a whole range of emotions, this trip also gave me the chance to meet so many new people. I have made friends for life and I have realised how amazing ESN’s coordinators are. They have taken such good care of us. Andalusia and the weekend I spent there will stay in my heart forever!!!