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Fallas Time

20 March 2017

I still find it hard to believe that I have witnessed one of the biggest and most impressive festivals in Spain. Las Fallas de Valencia take place in the period 15th-19th March each year and this is a celebration you don’t want to miss. The preparations start very early on and during the official days of the festival there are all kinds of shows and events in many different parts of the city. The atmosphere is so unique that I can’t even begin to describe it in words…thousands of people in the centre, parades, music, fireworks and light shows every day. In the evenings there were “mobile”/outdoor discos on basically every corner and each one had different type of music, so everyone could find something to suit their taste.

Apart from all the fun and performances, Las Fallas is a time of the year filled with a lot of colour and beauty. Local people dress up in traditional costumes and walk through the streets of the city, followed by bands of musicians. My favourites are the little Falleras y Falleros, whom you can see on the picture:


And, of course, lets not forget about the impressive sculptures, called ninots, which are the symbol of the festival. They usually represent critics of current political affairs:

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The best part of Las Fallas for me was to see two of my best friends from the first semester again. During the day we enjoyed the decorations around Valencia, the historical city, the sun, the beach and in the night we joined other friends for street parties and to see the fireworks. As we were going out mainly with my Italian group of friends, we had the chance to learn some Italian as well as to have a lesson on the meanings of different gestures in their culture 😀

17353160_10212281484611315_6491715522785049496_n 17264504_1680331385316239_4806949514622569556_n

Although we are all really tired now, I have to say it has been my best weekend so far!!! Las Fallas is the time when you realise that Spanish people truly are the best at having fun (and pyrotechnics :D).