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A visit to The Los Angeles County Museum of Art

3 November 2019
A visit to LACMA

Last weekend, I got the chance to visit one of my favourite art museums in LA: LACMA, otherwise known as the Los Angeles Museum of Art. Even if you’ve never heard of this museum you have certainly seen some of its artwork on Instagram, in particular, Urban Lights by Chris Burden that sits outside of the museum (as pictured below).

Instead of writing a long post describing all the pieces of artwork that I enjoyed seeing at LACMa, I thought instead I would share with you some of my favourite photos of the art that I took instead!

As you can see, even the buildings that make LACMA are pieces of art in their own right
This piece is all made of recycled plastic
This is part of the same recycled plastic project
LACMA’s garden is home to many Rodin sculptures but they also display other sculpture work from time to time in the same space.
This piece experiments with light, those aren’t pieces of glitter you see, rather the way the painting catches the light.
Perhaps my favourite piece of my visit to LACMA, was this imitation tiger rug made entirely of cigarettes!
A close up of how this piece was made.

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my photos from my visit to LACMA, if you are ever in LA this is the one museum I would definitely say is one not to miss. The gallery owns many Rodin, Monet and Warhol pieces that are on a rotation so you’re always bound to see a well-known piece of art, alongside the other amazing works they display!