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New books in the EDC, April 2016

6 May 2016
Books on a shelf are reflected in the shelf above

The following titles were added to our collection in April 2016. Click on the image to see the full details.

Agenda dynamics in Spain / Laura Chaqués-Bonafont, Anna M. Palau and Frank R. BaumgartnerFrance and the politics of European Economic and Monetary Union / Valerie CatonManaging crises, making peace: towards a strategic EU vision for security and defense / edited by Maria Grazia Galantino and Maria Raquel FreireThe maritime dimension of European security: seapower and the European Union / Basil GermondPolitical decision-making in Switzerland: the consensus model under pressure / Pascal Sciarini, Manuel Fischer and Denise TraberThe UK challenge to Europeanization: the persistence of British Euroscepticism / edited by Karine Tournier-Sol and Chris Gifford