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Creative Cardiff

Do-ers and Hoopers

13 May 2015

In every city I’ve lived in there have been people that I’ve identified as “do-ers” – the people who make things happen. I don’t mean people who do things in order to take the credit or glory for their efforts – I mean people who genuinely believe in wanting to make a difference, to initiate new ideas and make things happen in their locale or particular area of interest.

Right now there are a number of these do-ers in Cardiff. The one I bumped into most recently is Ellie Pilott. I met Ellie some 5-6 years back when we were both learning to hulahoop at a class run by NoFit State. Ellie has since developed her skills to a level where she is now teaching a regular hoop class at The Abacus and NoFitState alongside being part of Mary Bijou Cabaret and a full time job to boot. If these activities didn’t fill her time Ellie recently decided, with friend Esther Fuge of NoFit State Circus, to organize the first Welsh hoop convention titled WhoopC.

WhoopC ran in Jacobs Antiques market in April this year, attracted 50 participants and featured exceptional hoop artists including Lisa Lottie and Miss Polly Hoops who both perform worldwide. Celebrating and building on the re-emergence and popularity of hula hooping alongside the growing circus community in and around Cardiff this event was clearly a timely development. In Ellie’s words “there are hoop conventions all over the world from Bali to Bristol and until recently Wales didn’t have one – so we made one and people came and really enjoyed themselves.” WhoopC embodies so much about the grass roots growth of the creative economy in Cardiff. I salute Ellie and Esther and all of those who took part in the convention.

The do-ers are invaluable for progress. They are people that we should champion and be proud of. Thank you Ellie and others like you. I look forward to hearing about your next project or idea.








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