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Welcome to the new Chromscope Blog

17 April 2017

There’s not been a Chromoscope blog for a while, but we’re back. We’ll add information about Chromocope, some hints and tip about how to use it, and examples of how Chromoscope’s been used “in the wild”…

For the unfamiliar, Chromoscope was originally developed by Stuart Lowe, Chris North and Rob Simpson in 2009. The original purpose was an exhibit at the 2009 Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition called “From the oldest light to the youngest stars: the Herschel and Planck Missions“. Later that year, Chromoscope was released onto the web, and has been gradually updated and improved since then.

Chromoscope is open source, with source data available on GitHub. You can read about the data used here.


  1. natalie Schroeder

    The labels (L) choice does not work, but it looks really cool! Am I missing something obvious about utilizing that feature?

    • Chris North

      Could you let me know what operating system / browser you are using? Pressing the “l” key works for me in both Chrome and Firefox. Is this on, or some other variant?

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