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Our Research Collaboration and the European Union

31 January 2020

At 11pm this evening Britain officially leaves the European Union (EU) and we move into a transitional phase before fully leaving at the end of 2020.  This means we will spend much of this year working out how things will look going forwards and in order to do that I think it is worth reflecting from a Centre perspective what we have achieved in the last fifteen years by collaborating with colleagues and institutions in the EU and Europe more broadly.

We have received European funding from successive EU funding programmes such as FP6, 7 and now Horizon 2020 as well as Industry/EU partnership such as the Innovative Medicines Initiative and EU Joint Programmes, such as the one for Neurodegenerative Disease. As part of these programmes we have had the opportunity and privilege to visit other clinical and academic institutions across the EU and also welcomed them to Wales.

We have pushed forward the boundaries of research in the diagnosis and management of acute cough and urinary tract infections in primary care across Europe, provided evidence to improve the use of antibiotics and contributed to the development of exciting new technologies for diagnosing infections. We have also contributed to a better understanding of the patient and public understanding of infections, antibiotics resistance and research into epidemics and pandemics, some of which is now being used to help prepare Europe for the new Coronavirus coming out of China.


We have also worked on the development and evaluation of new brain stimulation approaches to managing a wide variety of disorders, including alcoholism, anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder (BRAINTRAIN) and are currently exploring the impact of digital technologies in supporting patients with Huntington’s disease. We have recently completed a study showing the benefits of a multimodal intervention including physical activity in older patients with diabetes and our latest study will be implemented a novel new trial design to evaluating the treatment of a collection of different inflammatory conditions including rheumatoid arthritis.

Over this time we have developed long standing collaborations and friendships that enrich our research, our lives and contribute to the wellbeing of patients and the general public in Wales as well as the rest of Europe.  We will be focusing this year on maintaining and building these collaborations so that they are strong enough to overcome any barriers that changes this year may present and ensure that research which can change lives experiences no borders.

To our friends and collaborators in Europe we say

Byddwn yn cadw Croeso yn y bryniau (we will keep a welcome in the hillsides).


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