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DOMINO-HD Team At JPND /JPco-fuND2 Symposium

10 May 2022

The DOMINO-HD team attended the JPND /JPco-fuND2 Symposium on Thursday 28 April 2022 at the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium in Brussels. This was an event designed to bring together consortia coordinators and early career investigators working on projects funded in the 2018 Health and Social Care JPND CoFund Call. The programme was very interested in covered topics across health and social care as well as personalised medicine.

Monica Busse (Cardiff University), Vitoria Fahed (University College Dublin), Beth Ann Griffin (RAND USA) and Carla Collazo (Hospital de Burgos, Spain) were delighted to meet in person, the first since the start of the project. Monica delivered a 10-minute presentation on the DOMINO-HD study objectives, progress and lessons learned. Vitoria and Carla presented a poster with a 3-minute spoken presentation providing more detail on the overall consortium project, early results and details of their PhD studies.  It was wonderful to see the results from all studies set up and delivered across the DOMINO-HD consortium despite all the challenges experienced.

A key theme emerging from the meeting was the importance of public and patient involvement in the study life cycle and we were pleased to be able to explain how we had engaged with patient groups in DOMINO-HD in understanding their needs in relation to wearable devices and how to best design the study in such a way that it could answer the key research questions. We are excited to be moving into the stage of the project where we can start to share the early data with our PPI groups as part of life-style intervention co-design (the final work package planned in DOMINO-HD).