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Centre for Trials Research Qualitative Group Away Day 2017

10 April 2017


The Centre for Trials Research qualitative group held an away day on March 23rd 2017 in the scenic setting of Aberdare Hall at Cardiff University. The group is a significant size with a high publication output – as well as being one of several specialist areas of research excellence within the largest team of academic clinical trials staff in Wales.

Researchers included Lucy Brookes-Howell, Aimee Grant, Nina Jacob, Kim Madden, Melanie Morgan, Yvonne Moriarty, Bethan Pell, Jeremy Segrott, Heather Strange, and Julia Townson. Apologies were received from Dunla Gallagher, Amy Lloyd, and Vicky Shepherd.

Who we are

We are a team of experienced researchers and can be found contributing a variety of qualitative input into a number of different studies within the Centre for Trials Research. We are skilled in working with participants from diverse populations and have a breadth of expertise and strength in qualitative methods. We are well-equipped to provide guidance in relation to employing qualitative methods, as well as advice on appropriate tools for qualitative data collection, management and analysis.


The away day

It was so useful getting everyone together, a rare opportunity in our busy schedules – a dedicated time to reflect and think about our work within the group, and the group’s role within the Centre and wider research community.

We held thoughtful discussions around a number of key areas to help inform and shape the collective aims of the group and plans for the year ahead.


We are keen to promote and share our specialism, and so one of our first tasks will be to work towards creating a visible and accessible presence. We will look to undertake a series of activities that will raise awareness of who we are, what we do and how to access the breadth of skills and expertise to be found within this group. There are also exciting plans in motion to develop training opportunities.

We are developing our communication strategy over the coming months, making more use of digital bulletins, blogs and Twitter to keep you up-to-date.


For further information or to get in touch, please contact Dr Lucy Brookes-Howell, Research Fellow (Qualitative) and Qualitative Group Lead, Centre for Trials Research.