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TIP Talks and Decolonising the Anthropocene Events

18 October 2021

CEJ event schedule

The Centre for Environmental Justice (CEJ) welcomes you to the following virtual events this semester. We would like to extend a particularly warm welcome to all new postgraduate research and taught students, we hope you are able to join us.

TIP Talks: The Thought-in-Progress series gives the presenter a chance to test out a new and emerging idea, there doesn’t have to be a fully formed paper and it is open to anyone who has a research problem they’d like to present in environmental law and/or politics. Contact Ben Pontin in the School of Law and Politics if you would like to join or give a TIP talk next semester.

Decolonising the Anthropocene is a reading group with Cardiff Environmental Cultures, which is part of the ScienceHumanities initiative at Cardiff University. Please contact David Shackleton in the School of English, Communication and Philosophy for more information.

Tuesday 26th October, 3-4pm Decolonising the Anthropocene event:

Donna Haraway, Staying with the Trouble (2016), Introduction, and chapters 2 and 4.

Wednesday 27th October, 1-2pm TIP talk:

Ben Pontin, ‘British “Indirect rule” and the nature conservation in Lugard’s Nigeria’

Tuesday 23rd November, 3-4pm Decolonising the Anthropocene event:

Anna Tsing, Mushroom at the End of the World (2015), Introduction and chapter 1, alongside her website:

Wednesday 24th November, 1-2pm TIP talk:

Hannah Hughes, ‘Change with and for the climate’

Tuesday 30th November, 3-4pm Decolonising the Anthropocene event:

Malcom Ferdinand, Decolonial Ecology: Thinking from the Caribbean World (2019/2021), Prologue and Part 1.

Wednesday 15th December, 1-2pm TIP talk:

 Richard Caddell, ‘Protection of Wetlands under EU law’