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18 June 2018
Global Environmental Politics 2018
Global Environmental Politics 2018

Global Environmental Politics is a third year Politics and International Relations module. One of the student assignments for this course is a blog, where I ask students to blog on an environmental issue that is important to them and inform a non-expert reader about the social and political dimensions of the problem.

The aim of this assessment exercise is for students to start thinking about how they communicate the complexity of environmental issues in a way that engages and mobilises their reader. As part of the assignment brief, students are required to introduce an element from the module, making it understandable and relevant to a broader audience.

This is the second year of running the module and using this form of assessment, and students again produced beautifully presented, thoughtful and engaging blogs. Therefore, over the summer months, here on the EJRU website, we will be publishing some of the best student examples:

Help! I can’t afford to be eco-friendly!

Ocean Acidification: Climate Change’s Evil Twin