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Exploring Methodological Frontiers in Global Environmental Politics

26 June 2017

June has been a busy month for the members of the Environmental Justice Research Unit with its first video-speaker event and a 3-day long workshop Exploring Methodological Frontiers in Global Environmental Politics.

The Methodological Frontiers workshop aimed to explore the innovation that scholars were undertaking in order to study the diverse range of actors and activities that constitute global environmental governance today. As such, it brought together scholars at all stages of their careers and zoomed in on discussions around the quantitative and qualitative divide, initiating conversation on how this could be bridged in order to illuminate the different forms of power in environmental policy-making.

This workshop was hosted as part of the 4th Annual European Workshops in International Studies (EWIS). The organisation of which was led this year by members of the Department of Politics and International Relations within the School. The workshops brought hundreds of international participants to Cardiff to discuss a diverse array of topics from the politics of expertise to the technologies of power, with discussions taking place in formal workshop settings and spilling over into coffee breaks and happy hour drinks.

Our PhD members made a particularly important contribution to the global environmental politics workshop, outlining their research projects and offering insights on the methodological discussions from their particular interests and viewpoints. All in all it was a great workshop and I want to thank all the participants for their contributions, including: Harry Conway; Thomas Hickmann; Matthew Hoffmann; James Hollway; Gabriela Maria Kuetting; Philip Leifeld; Matthew Paterson; Caer Smyth; Kimberly R. Marion Suiseeya; Valeria Tolis; Oscar Widerberg; Alice Vadrot.

Workshop programme.