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Learning javascript and D3.js to produce Electives World 2014

10 October 2014

Earlier this year I decided that I would work towards improving my data analysis and visualisation skills. I bought a book entitled Visualise This which proved a very interesting read. There were practical exercise in R, a statistics programming tool. There was also some information about generating interactive graphics for the internet – exactly what I wanted to do. I learned a lot from this book. It didn’t mention the D3.js directly but an earlier product developed by the same person – the inspiring Mike Bostock.

As a result of my efforts and a request from Dr Sam Hibbitts, we launched last week Electives World 2014, a selection of web pages including interactive world map, interactive graphs, advice and stories from a Cardiff University Medical Student survey. The pages are available here through Learning Central. For some reason, it doesn’t always work so there is a slightly earlier version available here. For security reasons, I can’t install it into this blog so here is a static picture instead.

A selection of places Cardiff Medical Students go on Elective.
A selection of places Cardiff Medical Students go on Elective.


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