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Inspired by colleagues and students…

2 February 2015

I work with some amazing people – open-minded, creative and enthusiastic people – students, administrators and academic staff. These people encourage me to be brave and enthusiastic too. They make me keen to go to work, keen to try new things and keep my working environment positive. Let me give you some examples.

Over the last few weeks, I have spent a significant part of my time organising a MEDIC Year 2 & 5 Student Conference. This conference was a dreamt up with Dr Sam Hibbitts, Dr Derek Lang and Dr Donald Fraser. It’s something new for the School of Medicine. How brave are we?

The theme for the conference is “Sharing Inspirational Experiences”. We have some external speakers but a core part of the conference is providing a space where the Year 5 students will share their experience with the Year 2 students around five separate themes:

  • Electives
  • Thriving & Surviving
  • Research
  • Intercalated Degrees
  • Erasmus

As part of the development of the conference, we have recruited help from the Year 2 students. We have five Year 2 conference organisers who have helped us develop and hone the material for the workshops. All the Year 2 students contributed lots of excellent questions and the conference organisers grouped these into themes. They’ve also agreed to become editors of the blog that will be used to provide coverage of the conference. Their willingness to try something new and different is excellent.

I have been learning about covering the conference. Mrs Sali Collins from the School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies spent a half an hour on the phone giving me advice. Her comments were excellent. Her enthusiasm and positivity was infectious.

The conference wouldn’t happen at all without the support of Becky Masefield and Adam Hammond. Despite my crazy suggestions and my many changes, these two maintain a positive momentum, communicate well with the students and make me laugh.