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Data analysis by students

9 July 2015

As part of the work experience week, we host students from Secondary Schools and Colleges from various parts of South Wales. It’s a large scheme called Science in Health Work Experience 2015 that hosts more than 50 students in the School of Medicine. It’s organised by Dr James Matthews who does a great job leading the programme.

During the day, we show the students the processing we do using CLL blood samples, we discuss leukaemia, biochemistry, medicine and career opportunities. I’ve also been encouraging them to play with some of the data available about the health of the people of Wales. They enjoyed seeing real samples in a real lab. Thanks to Shimaz and Reiss for doing that.

The students use Excel for their data analysis and use data from StatWales the latest Welsh Health Survey. I ask the students to download some data and draw a graph that interests them. The students were Taegan, Amelia, Will, Lowri, Rachael, and Asif. Here are some of the graphs that they drew (I haven’t checked them all but they’re interesting:


Screenshot 2015-07-09 14.59.08


Screenshot 2015-07-09 17.46.09


Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 17.18.27