A medieval (horse) tragedy in Shropshire

Posted on 13 January 2016 by Helen Nicholson

Alas! In 1311-12 one of the two affers or draught animals at the Templars’ commandery at Lydley in Shropshire fell ill with quodam morbo in nervis, an unidentified disease of the sinews, or the nerves — or simply meaning that it lost all its strength. A mareschal or farrier was called in to care for
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Particulars of Account

Posted on 4 December 2015 by Helen Nicholson

Particulars of account for Upleadon years 1-3_TNA E 199_18_4-5  E 199-46-21 Particulars of Account Worcs 1309-9 The rotuli de particulis were the detailed records of receipts and expenses submitted by the sheriff or other government official to the Exchequer, where they were checked, summarised and entered on to the long records of account that we call
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