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Meet Rashi Jain

2 November 2022
A black and white photograph of Rashi Jain

Rashi Jain, General Counsel and University Secretary, recently took part in our internal series celebrating phenomenal women of colour at the university.

Tell us about your current role at the university?

I am Rashi Jain (nee Chopra) and am a proud alumna. I am a practising solicitor and am General Counsel and University Secretary. I am responsible for providing legal services at the university and advising on the proper use of the Governing Body’s powers under the Royal Charter and legislation.

I am a member of the Senior Women of Colour network which promotes greater representation of Black, Asian and Ethnic Minority women in UK higher education.

What piece of information about your culture or tradition would you like to share with colleagues?

One of my favourite Indian traditions is Rakhi which takes place in August each year and marks the special bond between brothers and sisters. The sister ties a thread on her brother’s wrist to mark the unbreakable family bond and the brother gives his sister a gift to thank her for all her blessings. Having lost my brother in 1998 I have passed the tradition to my children who share this with their cousins too.

Why is this important to you?

I find this heart-warming as it teaches us that we each have a role to play in the family which is worth celebrating and nurturing.

Why do you think having an inclusive environment is vital in a workplace?

An inclusive environment is a prerequisite for a professional work environment which values rational debate and academic endeavour such as Cardiff University. It is our duty as members of a teaching and learning community to challenge the status quo and increase representation from all sections of society.