Meeting updates

Joint Statement by Cardiff University and the Students’ Union

Dear Student

Last week you received an email outlining the support available to you in the context of recent protests, as well as the promise of details on our race equality initiatives. 

Since then, you may have read about the concerns raised by students from our School of Dentistry. An investigation into their concerns is now underway, and we are committed to supporting the incoming Head of School as they take forward the recommendations arising. We encourage any student in the University with similar concerns to come forward, either reporting them to their School or to the Disclosure Response Team, so such claims can be fully investigated. 

The Students Union and the University are determined to work together to improve race equality across the University. Our actions will ensure that we are a force for change and that we can play our part in ensuring society becomes a fairer place

Claire Morgan, Pro Vice-Chancellor, Education and Students and Jackie Yip, Students’ Union President

How you can get involved

We recognise that there is more work to be done to support race equality at this University, and believe it is vital our students are involved in every step of the process. We are actively seeking more student representatives and hope that they will be open and honest about their experiences. Below you can see where student input is currently needed. Please note no experience of similar initiatives is necessary.

Race Equality Student Working Group

This working group promotes equality for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) students, through involvement and consultation on the University’s plans, strategies, policies, organisational change exercise and guidance. Students joining will help support the University to foster a campus-wide culture in which all members of the University community can participate and fulfil their potential regardless of ethnicity, race or nationality.
If you’d like to get involved in this group please contact: Abyd Quinn-Aziz:

Talking Race Equality Discussion Panel

This panel promotes change in the cultural environment that reflects the diverse experiences of our staff and students, providing an essential safe space to hold vital conversations about race.

Race Equality Discussion Panels meet three times a year and will be listed on our events page on the intranet. You can register your interest when events are listed with the organiser: Susan Cousins: 

BAME+ Book Café

The Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME)+ Book Club Café is an initiative aimed at supporting diversity, promoting an open and inclusive environment whilst building helpful constructions of the BAME+ student and staff experience.

The BAME+ Book Café takes place twice a year based on books selected by the Students’ Union and will be listed on our events page on the intranet. You can register your interest when events are listed with the organiser: Susan Cousins: 

Future initiatives and events will be promoted during the new academic year through Student News and in collaboration with the Student Union.

Find out about other steps being taken to support race equality at the University, these include:
1. BAME Awarding Gap task and finish group
2. Vice Chancellors External EDI Advisory Panel
3. Black History Month