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Meeting updates

UEB, 5 March 2018

5 March 2018
  • UEB received a presentation from Cubane consultants on Cardiff’s latest Uniforum data set.
  • UEB received a verbal update on the industrial dispute and noted that the Vice-Chancellor had attended today’s UCU Q&A session with several UEB members in attendance and a statement had been agreed.
  • It was noted that seven subjects had ranked in the QS top 100.
  • It was noted that the Vice-Chancellor had hosted a much appreciated dinner for the Gravitational Waves group.
  • UEB received the latest University’s Investment Plan and, that subject to some amendments, to approve the paper for submission to Council in March.
  • UEB received a paper requesting early release of funding for the co-location of the Maths and Computer Science. The request was endorsed and would be presented to Council in March for approval.
  • UEB received a response to HEFCW’s Research and Innovation capital funding 2017/18 proposal. The paper noted that HEFCW are negotiating with the Welsh Government for Research and Innovation Capital Funding for this financial year; two projects had been identified to attract funding under this call (i) expansion of the National Software Academy to enable participation in the Institute of Coding initiative and (2) Innovation Central capital building to enable participation in the SETsquared Scale Up Programme initiative.  It was agreed to submit the response.
  • UEB received the Annual Report of Commercial Innovation and Impact Activities. Some minor changes were requested before being submitted to Council in March for note.
  • UEB received, and approved, an update on the progress on the Welsh Government Talented Women for Successful Wales report.
  • UEB received, and approved subject to some minor revisions, the draft response to the Welsh Government’s consultation on ‘Regional Investment in Wales after Brexit’.
  • UEB received the Reid Review action plan again, previously seen in July 2017, and reported on progress made. It was agreed the action plan would be updated and timescales monitored.
  • UEB received a paper with the outline of the Voluntary Severance Scheme, a breakdown by College would be added before being submitted to Council for note.
  • UEB received the Strategic Equality Plan Annual Report which will be presented to Council in March. It was noted that the plan would be revised in full ahead of its next submission.

UEB received the following regular reports

  • Research and innovation monthly update
  • Innovation System update
  • Civic mission activities monthly update
  • External environment update