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Meeting updates

UEB, 20 November 2017

20 November 2017
  • It was noted that Universities Wales would be publishing a report on the impact of international students in Wales later in the week and that, although there had been a slight decline in non-EU domiciled recruitment in Wales, Cardiff has increased by 13% since 2013/14.
  • It was noted that the Reid Review Panel had visited the University on 16 November 2017 and had met with members of UEB, Deans and other senior staff.
  • To ensure that all protected characteristics were covered by the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Board, each UEB member was asked to put forward a nomination for the Board.
  • Professor Thomas noted that work was underway with developing the Research, Innovation and Civic Mission sub-strategies’ action plans. It was agreed that draft sub-strategy action plans should come to UEB on 15 January 2018 and that student recruitment would come under the Education and Students sub-strategy.
  • The success of the Celebrating Excellence Awards event, held on 9 November 2017, was noted.
  • UEB received a paper on the Welsh Medium Provision Strategy Review. The review had looked at the University’s current approach to the delivery of Welsh medium education provision with recommendations made for improvements.  The importance of the appointment of a Dean for Welsh language for ensuring senior strategic academic leadership was noted.  It was agreed that a further version of the paper would be developed outlining what the University was doing and actions would be shared with the Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol and HEFCW.
  • UEB received the University’s return to HEFCW’s Strategic Planning and Engagement Document (SPED) 2017 and 2018. The return comprised of an annual progress report for 2016/17 against the University’s institutional strategy and HEFCW’s national targets, and an overview of institutional strategy up to 2017/18.  It was agreed, with some minor changes, to go to Council for approval.
  • UEB received and noted the IWA report on graduate earnings in Wales.
  • UEB received the Annual People Report, the report will now go to Council for note.
  • UEB received and noted the Student Voice update.
  • UEB received and noted the internal audit update.
  • UEB received a paper outlining the Welsh Government reshuffle and noted that Ken Skates AM now held the science and research and innovation brief.
  • UEB received the University’s response to the Russell Group submission to the Migration Advisory Committee call for evidence. It was noted that the University’s own submission to the Migration Advisory Committee was being compiled and would be received at a future meeting.
  • UEB received the draft Council agenda for note.

UEB received the following regular reports

  • Deputy Vice-Chancellor monthly report
  • PVC College of Physical Sciences and Engineering monthly report
  • PVC International and Europe monthly report
  • Director of Communications and Marketing Monthly Report and Forward Plan