Meeting updates

UEB 16 May 2016

  • UEB received the updated capital investment programme paper which shows the scale and hugely ambitious programme of works being progressed by the University.
  • UEB received a business case for additional space in the new accommodation adjacent to the BBC in Central Square for the School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies. The additional space would enable further growth in high quality students for the School.  The case was agreed and, as there was some urgency to get the case finalised, will now progress to Council on 23 May.
  • UEB received a business case for establishing a long-term home for the National Software Academy in Newport to facilitate planned growth. The case was agreed and will now progress to Policy and Resources Committee.
  • UEB received a business case for further website and intranet improvements. The case noted that the University site needed optimisation for mobile devices and specific webpages for international audiences.  The case was agreed by UEB to be progressed.
  • A number of other capital business cases were presented but were not progressed. Some would be progressed within current budgets, some needed further work or were dependent on issues that were not yet resolved.
  • It was noted that the HE White Paper had been published today and the Vice-Chancellor had attended a meeting with the Minister for Universities and Science in advance of its publication. A detailed briefing will come forward to UEB at a later date.
  • UEB received and agreed the University response to the Welsh Government consultation on support for foundation years.
  • UEB received and agreed the University’s response to the Welsh Government’s consultation on support for postgraduate study and part-time engineering, technology or computer science degrees.

UEB received the following regular reports

  • Report on International and European activities
  • Director of Communications & Marketing Monthly Report and Forward Plan
  • Estates projects update