Meeting updates

UEB 29 February 2016

  • It was noted that SPARK was on the cover of the current UUK Bulletin.
  • It was noted that the Universities Wales bulletin had reported that it had not been possible to establish a postgraduate loan scheme in Wales for 2016/17. Welsh universities would have to ensure the message was clear that English loans were portable and there was no requirement to wait for Welsh loans to come on-board which, it was hoped, would be for 2017/18.
  • It was noted that Sophie Timbers, the current Vice-President for Education, had been elected as the next Students’ Union President.
  • It was noted that Professor Tony Chapman had announced that he would be retiring as Vice-Chancellor from Cardiff Metropolitan University from 1 August 2016.
  • UEB received the mid-year Operational Plan update and that no areas of concern were highlighted.
  • UEB received a paper on Graduation Ceremony developments. The paper outlined some changes for 2016 ceremonies and related activities including the introduction of celebratory lunchtime meetings for a small group of University staff and VIP guests including Honorary Fellows.  The Communications Team would ensure coordination with Schools who organise their own lunchtime events for their graduating students, with one graduation dinner to be held that would celebrate the University’s successes over the previous academic year.
  • UEB received a paper on proposals to incorporate research integrity and ethics into the governance structures. It was agreed to approve the terms of reference for the Research Integrity and Ethics Committee, which would report to Senate.

UEB received the following reports

  • Innovation System update.
  • Report on Engagement activities
  • Research and Innovation monthly report.