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Meeting updates

UEB 18 May 2015

18 May 2015
  • UEB received a presentation on the Staff Survey results.  It was noted that there was a 63% response rate, up 6% from 2011 survey.  Further analysis of the results would be done before being distributed to staff via Blas.
  • It was noted that GW4 features prominently in the National Centre for Universities and Business State of the Relationship Report 2015.
  • UEB received a paper outlining the proposed governance arrangements for the two new Innovation Buildings. Subject to some minor amendments to the paper the governance arrangements were agreed.
  • UEB received the draft response to the consultation on the Health Professional Education Investment Review Report.  Subject to some minor amendments the response was agreed to be submitted to Welsh Government.
  • UEB received the draft response to the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) consultation on Support for Postgraduate Study.  Subject to some minor amendments and the comment that there should more emphasis on increasing grant funding rather than targeting additional PGR support towards a loans system the response will be submitted to BIS.
  • UEB received a paper on the University’s Environmental Sustainability and proposed vision statement.  Subject to some minor amendments it was agreed to approve the vision statement and environmental objectives and targets for 2015/16.
  • UEB received a paper from the Tuition Fee Group outlining the fee levels set for 2015/16 and 2016/17.  UEB agreed the fee levels which will now go to the Policy and Resources Committee to note.
  • UEB received a paper outlining a new process for scrutinising business cases prior to them being presented to UEB.  The process was agreed subject to some minor amendments and would be reviewed in a year’s time.
  • It was noted that The Way Forward high level and sub strategies are reviewed annually to ensure the wording is current and relevant.  Professor Thomas noted that he wished to review the Engagement sub strategy with input from Ms Sanders and Mrs Rawlinson.  Once this had been done the high level and sub strategies would go to Council for consideration.

UEB received the following regular reports:

  • PVC College of Physical Sciences & Engineering Monthly Report.  The report noted that as of 30 April research awards for the College are up £9.2M on the same point last year.  Professor Diana Huffaker will take up post in August 2015 as Sêr Cymru funded chair, her research expertise will complement the new Compound Semiconductor Institute.  A high-level College delegation to China has recently returned after a profile raising trip to identify student recruitment opportunities.  It was also noted that the College Dean of Learning and Teaching had established a series of task and finish groups looking at assessment and feedback, outreach and admissions, Learn+ and mobility, placements and fieldwork.  The groups are scheduled to report in the summer.
  • PVC College of Biomedical & Life Sciences Monthly Report. The report gave an update on the Medic Forward project.  The recent Oman delegation was highlighted, the trip had identified some useful potential collaborative partners.  The report also noted that Claire Morgan, the Associate Dean of Quality and Standards, would be leaving in July and would be greatly missed.
  • PVC College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Monthly Report. The report noted the significant progress on the new Public Services Innovation lab which is a partnership between Cardiff University, Nesta and the Welsh Government.  The report also updates on the approved proposals for a different way of managing confirmation and clearing.
  • Monthly Activity Report: Academic Standards & Student Experience.  The report noted that the Centre for Student Life interim business case would be considered by Policy and Resources Committee and then Council in May.  The report updated on the town hall meetings that had taken place recently which had seen up to 600 staff attend.  The report also noted the final response rates for NSS, PTES (postgraduate taught) and PRES (postgraduate research):
  • 2015 2014
    NSS 76% 80%
    PTES 41% 30%
    PRES 64% 55%
  • Chief Operating Officer’s Monthly Report. The report included details of the planning event which was held during April to produce the draft Professional Services operational plan for 2015/16.  The report included updates from each of the corporate Professional Services Departments.
  • Estates Projects Update.
  • UEB briefing on the outcome of the general election.