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Meeting updates

UEB 23 March 2015

23 March 2015
  • UEB received a business case on a proposal to redevelop the first and ground floors of the Students’ Union building. The case sponsored by Professor Price, PVC for Student Experience and Academic Standards, and put together by the Students’ Union would improve the Senghennydd Road entrance to the building and remove the secluded overhang. It was agreed that this space was in need of upgrade and refurbishment and the case would be recommended to the Policy and Resources Committee. Also noted was that the improvements were of benefit to the Cathays Park campus but improvement of space at Heath Park is currently being investigated.
  • UEB received an interim business case for the Centre of Student Life to update on progress and likely timeframes. It was noted that the design competition would be launched in April and a shortlist of five teams will be selected and invited to tender. The designs will be judged by a panel at the end of September and the winning design team will work with the University to develop the final design of the building. UEB agreed to approve the recruitment processes for a Programme Manager and Project Manager to ensure timely delivery of the full business case in December 2015. The case will now progress to the Policy and Resources Committee and Council to update on progress.
  • UEB received a progress report on the Innovation System new builds. It was noted that a detailed feasibility study is currently being undertaken and this would help inform the decision of which functions will co-locate in the first two Innovation System buildings. An updated report will come back to UEB on 20 April before going on the Policy and Resources Committee the following week. It was also agreed that Building Steering Groups be established, one to be chaired by Professor Holford and the other to be chaired by Professor Boyne.
  • UEB received a business case proposing to build on the current timetabling project. The case was agreed and the project would now progress the remaining Schools to an online and integrated timetabling solution.
  • The University had been asked to submit an institutional response to NERC’s call for investment priorities, which would help NERC to identify high level themes to focus on in order to make the biggest impact on these challenges. UEB received the University’s response. It was noted that Schools receiving NERC funding had provided input into the response which was developed with the support of the Chair of the University’s NERC Expert Group. UEB approved the response.

UEB received the following regular reports

  • PVC College of Physical Sciences & Engineering Monthly Report.  The report updated on the development of joint computer progress with Beijing Normal University for delivery at their Zhuhai Campus.  The report noted work ongoing with Registry to try and reduce exam paper errors. Also highlighted was that the College research awards are up considerably from the same point last year and at a three year high.
  • PVC College of Biomedical & Life Sciences Monthly Report. The report updated on the progress of estates work for College headquarters with anticipated move date of 30 March. The report noted the continuing reviews of PGT and PGR at College level.
  • Innovation System Update.  The report updated on actions during the past month.
  • Monthly Activity Report on Research & Innovation.  The report updated on research awards received and applications submitted for the first seven months of the financial year, to 28 February 2015. The awards to date show a very healthy trajectory.