Meeting updates

UEB 16 March 2015

  • UEB received a business case from the College of Biomedical and Life Sciences proposing a new Cardiff University biobank. The new biobank would combine the eight separate biobanks that the University currently operates. It would also ensure consistent governance and bring the University in line with Russell Group competitors. UEB agreed to progress subject to some further work being undertaken on efficiency savings, contingency arrangements and of the possibility of engaging with GW4 partners.
  • UEB received a business case from the College of Biomedical and Life Sciences for the refurbishment of second floor Phantom Head suite, a teaching facility in the Dental School providing undergraduate and postgraduate students with their first technical and simulated training experience. It was agreed that this space was in need of upgrade and refurbishment and the case would be recommended to the Policy and Resources Committee.
  • The University had been invited to participate in two separate major European Social Fund (ESF) Operations. The schemes, Knowledge Economy Skills Scholarships II (KESS II) and Materials & Manufacturing Academy (M2A), would provide part-financing for new PhD and MRes studentships. Participating institutions have been invited to underwrite the costs of recruitment activity for studentships to start on 1 October 2015 with costs to be claimed retrospectively if/when funding was awarded. The University would be required to contribute all indirect costs and an element of permanent staff time to cover match-funding requirements. It was agreed to approve that the costs of participating in KESS II and/or M2A prior to awards being made by Welsh European Funding Office (WEFO) be underwritten from College and Professional Services budgets. Further detailed operational and financial planning is required for both schemes: KESS II to be led by Research & Innovation in consultation with the Colleges, and M2A led by ASTUTE and the Schools of Engineering and Business with support from Research & Innovation.

UEB received the following regular reports

  • Monthly Activity Report: Academic Standards & Student Experience. The report updated on activity around the Centre for Student Life and the Education Change Portfolio (in particular developments on the Physical Learning Spaces and Timetabling projects).
  • Deputy Vice-Chancellor Monthly Report. The report updated on the Deputy Vice-Chancellor’s monthly activity including work around Equality and Diversity, noting the events being held to celebrate National Women’s Day, and an update on the work of the League Table Working Group.
  • Report on International Activities. The report updated on a recent delegation by the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences to Leuven to discuss collaboration around the Social Science Research Park (SPARK).  The report updates on the recent visit from Beijing Normal University to the College of Physical Sciences and Engineering to discuss the collaborative programme in computer science.  It also notes the ongoing efforts that are in place across all three Colleges to encourage more applications to Horizon 2020 for collaborative research projects to the ‘Societal Challenges’ and ‘Leadership and Enabling Technologies’ strands, and encouragement is being given to academic and research staff to look at opportunities through GW4.
  • Report on Engagement Activities. The report updates on each of the flagship engagement projects and on engagement activities with the Welsh and UK government.
  • Chief Operating Officer Monthly Report. The report included updates from each of the corporate Professional Services Departments.  Planning for the Professional Services away day in April proceeds in conjunction with the College Registrars.  The away day is focussed on developing the Professional Services Operational Plan for 2015/16.