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Meeting updates

UEB 26 January 2015

26 January 2015
  • The Vice-Chancellor announced that Ms T J Rawlinson, the new Director of Development, will be joining the University Executive Board when she takes up post on 2 February.   It was noted that a main element of the next reiteration of The Way Forward would be to find another source of income and the Director of Development will play a crucial part in this.
  • Professor Holford noted that the School of Physics and Astronomy had been awarded three European Research Council (ERC) consolidator grants totalling over €6.5 million.
  • It was noted that the University had retained the European Commission’s HR Excellence in Research award.
  • Professor Nora de Leeuw noted that she had recently visited China and held meetings with the Chinese Scholarship Council, Capital Medical University, Beijing Normal University, South China University and Xiamen University.
  • UEB received the new HE Code of Governance for information.  It was noted that the Code has been developed after extensive consultation with CUC members and HE stakeholders.  The Code builds upon and updates the original Code of Practice in 2004.  It is designed to help governing bodies meet and exceed the requirements (legal and regulatory) placed on UK HE providers.

UEB received the following regular reports

  • College of Biomedical & Life Sciences Monthly Report.  The report noted that the second cohort of the School Mangers’ Development Programme had begun and so far the programme has generated very positive feedback. A recent College delegation accompanied the VC to the Middle East visiting Bahrain, Qatar and Oman took place in January. A collaboration with Aspetar to deliver an MSc in Sports Physiotherapy will go ahead for implementation January 2016, following University approval. An excellent visit to the Ministry of Health Oman took place, which showcased current transnational education. A College delegation will visit Oman in the spring to identify opportunities for research collaboration.
  • College of Physical Sciences & Engineering Monthly Report.  The report highlighted some of the College’s REF highlights including Civil and Construction Engineering ranked 1st in the sector (1st on impact), ARCHI ranked 13th out of 45 submissions (1st on impact) and CHEMY ranked 9th in the sector (4th on impact, 97% 4*+3*).  The report also noted that the Software Academy full business case considered and approved by UEB at its meeting on 12 January with work now being undertaken to address questions raised by UEB members.  It was also noted that Dr Steve Bentley, ENGIN,  has started in post as Dean of International to cover the 1-year sabbatical of Prof Walter Gear.
  • Innovation System Update. It was reported that the Innovation System Steering Group continues to meet on a monthly basis with the last meeting 15 January. An away day has been scheduled on 29 January 2015 to discuss the cross cutting themes of i) delivering benefits for our students; ii) developing an institutional ethos for innovation; and iii) developing relationships for innovation.