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Meeting updates

UEB 8 December 2014

8 December 2014
  • UEB received a paper on the new Shared Parental Leave legislation.  It was noted that the Shared Parental Leave Regulations came into effect on 1 December 2014 and apply to mothers/fathers (or their partners) of babies due on or after 5 April 2015 or who were matched or placed for adoption after that date.  The legislation states that from 5 April 2015, eligible staff would have the right to share up to 52 weeks’ leave to care for their child (minus the period that the mother has spent on maternity leave) and up to 37 weeks’ shared parental pay. UEB agreed to approve statutory payment under the Shared Parental Leave Regulations.  It was also agreed that further work will be undertaken to evaluate a possible enhanced scheme, to mirror the provision within the Maternity Scheme and in line with work being undertaken with Athena SWAN.
  • The revised Governance Framework was received by UEB.  UEB approved the revisions which take account of changes previously suggested by UEB in 2013/14 with adjustment of the terms of office for senior post holders and ensuring the appointment process for thematic PVCs was consistent with that for PVCs/Heads of College.
  • UEB received and approved the draft University response to the Welsh Government’s call for evidence to its review of investment in health professional education.  The Review outlines a number of specific issues to be addressed:
  • The nature of the current investment in health professional education – what we are funding and whether this is delivering the required support for the Welsh healthcare workforce;
  • The return on this investment;
  • The current arrangements in place for medium and longer-term planning within the NHS and whether they facilitate multi-professional working;
  • The extent to which incentives and/or conditions would assist education, training and retention of health professionals across Wales;
  • How healthcare needs and standards inform planning, role design and education commissioning

UEB received the following regular reports

  • Report on Engagement Activities
  • Report on International Activities
  • Monthly Activity Report on Research & Innovation