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Meeting updates

UEB 8 September 2014

8 September 2014
  • UEB looked at the National Student Survey (NSS) results for 2014. In the NSS overall satisfaction category Cardiff scored an average of 89%, the same result as the previous year. It was noted that CPLAN achieved 100%. In the assessment and feedback category the average had increased 3% to 69%, both are still some way off The Way Forward targets. See
  • In the news roundup, UEB heard that the new Languages for All programme, designed to encourage students to learn a foreign language, has already received 1,400 expressions of interest. The programme is administered through the new School of Modern Languages.
  • UEB looked at The Way Forward refreshed sub strategies. These have now been agreed and will be published online shortly.
  • The draft 2014/15 Operational Plan was presented to UEB. The new format clearly sets out the University’s high level strategic objectives for the coming academic year. The plan will go to the Policy and Resource Committee on 16 September and Council on 1 October. Once it has been to Council it will be made available for all staff to see the paper if they wish, please contact Mairwen Harris in the Vice-Chancellor’s office if you wish to see a copy.
  • The Business Case Forward Plan listing the forthcoming Business Cases requiring approval by the various University governance groups was presented to UEB.  The paper established a time-frame for consideration and scrutinisation by UEB before submitting recommendations to the Policy and Resources Committee and Council. UEB approved the new approach and felt it added clarity to the decision-making process.
  • The Research Leave Scheme agree during 2013/14 by UEB allocated £600,000 for the establishment of a centrally funded Research Leave Fellowship Scheme. The aim was to fund around 40 awards of £15,000 each with the funding to be used to cover the cost of high quality replacement teaching. There were 54 applications with 40 successful applicants. It was agreed that the scheme be continued in 2014/15.  As the 2013/14 scheme was implemented late in the academic year, the continuing scheme will take effect from 2015/16. The scheme will be launched in October 2014 with panel decisions being made in December 2014.

UEB received the following regular report

  • Forward Planning Grid September-October