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Medicine as a second degree

4 October 2021


I am Chioma currently studying for an MSc in Pain Management.

Just wanted to share some tips on the experiences of coming into medicine via graduate
Now, how do you get to that place where you decide that you were ready for a second
degree/change in career?
I guess when you have a burning zeal that you have some unfinished business, and try as
you may, it just doesn’t go away.

But going forward to pursue that dream doesn’t come without challenges…
• Retraining yourself with the discipline of studying like a student (as opposed to
learning for professional development)
• Giving up work (as medicine is a full-time programme)
• Giving up income (not funny at all!)
• Living away from family not as an exciting 18yr old looking for adventure, but as a
mature person already settled in a home.
Anyway, when you do come to that place of decision that medicine was really your vocation,
you don’t take that decision lightly.

The MSc in pain management programme will give me a good head start
for the medical degree.
The modules in this programme include case studies, evidence-based medicine,
research methods and statistics etc which are all elements of the medical degree.

I have learnt how to holistically assess patients and report comprehensive case studies.
Also, I have learnt how to critically analyse medical articles and make informed decisions
regarding the quality of evidence and applications to practice.
I used to think that ALL articles published in medical journals must be of good quality
but now I know better.
I have also learnt about so many resources for accessing current information in
I am excited about starting my dissertation and working with a patient cohort with
chronic pain.
I will be going through my transition step by step through these blogs……