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Exam Preparation

20 October 2021


I am back again on the series…

When you decide that medicine is really your vocation after you have a first degree, you know this is a serious business.


You must give it the very best shot!

Take no chances, as the competition is tougher with graduate entry than standard entry medicine courses for young school leavers.

I researched a lot of different universities with different entry requirements. Some of these used UCAT, others BMAT and still others GAMSAT.

In the end I found that most of my preferred choice of medical schools (including Cardiff) used GAMSAT as the entry test.

Having work commitments as well meant that my study time had to be utilized in the most effective way possible.

I was careful not to derail myself and my studies so much gathering all sorts of resources and losing focus.

So, I took my time to read through the blogs and gamsat forums to help shape my study timetable and make it more purposeful.

There are no hard and fast rules to study, but I started with looking at ACER sample questions to get an overall idea of key topics, depth of knowledge required, style of questions etc.

It was when I did this that I realized the test was not so much about your previous knowledge but more of assessing your thinking, reasoning, and situational judgement skills.

This was a key discovery which was helpful to help avoid spending too much time reading material that may not be helpful in the long run.

I also discovered a wealth of free resources on the internet which would prove to be invaluable for my Gamsat preparation such as YouTube channels with worked solutions to the official ACER practice tests, online science classes, quote generators for practicing section 2 essays and above all more practice questions to keep me stocked up for months.

These resources would prove to be key to my progress over the coming months and helped me save a lot of time particularly in the run up to the test when time was getting very tight.

The first trial of practice questions was a means of testing my ‘current status’ and helped guide my progress. The first set of scores from the practice questions were very low, but never mind!

For me, this marked the beginning of the journey!