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Where have all the women gone?

Posted on 14 March 2018 by Anne Harrington

We did a major expansion two years back that dramatically altered the gender balance in the department. It went from having no women on permanent staff to nearly a dozen. Four people have left since then, not a bad retention rate considering that the department hired 20+ in that initial wave, but two of those
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What you can (and can’t) learn about sexism from online gaming

Posted on 13 November 2017 by Anne Harrington

There’s a new scientific study out about male motivations for sexist behavior. It’s been making the rounds on Facebook. What the authors find is that lower-skilled male players are more hostile towards female-voiced players, especially if those men are doing poorly at the game. In contrast, the same players are deferential to higher-status male players. This,
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The two-body problem

Posted on 29 October 2017 by Anne Harrington

It’s not particularly surprising that not having a supportive spouse will hurt a woman’s career and, over time, potentially also undermine a marriage. However, it turns out that it’s not only their husbands who presume that a wife’s career will take a backseat to male ambitions. In a recent article, Lauren Rivera finds that academic
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As I was saying…

Posted on 17 October 2017 by Anne Harrington

Men interrupting women is a common, some would even say universal, phenomenon. In their article, “Gender in Engineering Departments: Are there gender differences in interruptions of Academic job talks?” the authors link it to “the persistent under-representation of women faculty in academic engineering departments” by investigating how often job talk candidates get stopped and questioned.
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