Recycling electronics into money

Help educate the Earth without costing it

Posted on 23 June 2015 by Christopher Dickson

Increasingly, IT equipment is becoming a part of the circular economy –  being reused or recycled as much as possible at the end of its first life, so that new products can be made from the same raw materials, with a minimised amount of energy. The latest edition of University Business magazine contains an important
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New IT Service Catalogue Available

Posted on 17 November 2014 by Christopher Dickson

We’re delighted to announce that we have now published a brand new catalogue of all the services delivered by University IT. This is a very useful list of services, which means you can see them all at a glance, and find out more about each service, from email to videoconferencing, and from large file transfer to
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Posted on 7 November 2014 by Christopher Dickson

Welcome to my blog. It’s my role to help you and the University get the most from IT services to reduce environmental impact (and support your research – please see my other blog). Please have a look at our Sustainability web area for Hints and tips for reducing environmental impact and cost (e.g. tips on saving paper and reducing printing);
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