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100% Recycled Paper for Day-to-Day Business Use Across the University

26 January 2015

Green recycling logo

Cardiff University has approved the move to 100% recycled paper for its day to day business, in support of our sustainability agenda.

In University IT Service, we’ve worked closely with partner departments including Purchasing, the Library Service and the Occupational Safety, Health and Environment Unit to help make this happen, and I hope you like the new paper. This change will help to reduce the University’s environmental impact, not least by supporting the market for recycled products.

If you would like more ideas for reducing the impact of your printing, please see our hints and tips for More Sustainable Printing. This contains simple tips like how to print double-sided (duplex), and remembering to switch off your printer in the evening, which help save money, energy, carbon and resources.



  1. Joanne

    That’s great news! Well done! It’s good to see big institutions using recycled products and “supporting the market for recycled products” as you mention! Keep up the good work 🙂

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