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Welcome to the Sustainable Places Blog.

13 May 2015


The Sustainable Places Research Institute is a meeting place for world-leading sustainability science, focussed on exploring innovative solutions for a more sustainable future. While having a number of research fellow’s and associates based here in Sustainable Places developing our research programmes, we also have more than 100 affiliates from all disciplines across the University looking at sustainability from their area of expertise. This blog aims to be an area where Sustainable Places researchers and affilaites have a space to share their knowledge and thoughts, in an informal space, about an area of interest to them.


Outliend below is a list of our regular blog contributors.

Dr Dimitrios Xenias – Psychology Research Associate. Blogging about about social psychology of sustainable behaviours.

Dr Abid Mehmood Sustainable Places Research Fellow. Blogging about sustainable development and climate change governance.

Dr Ria Dunkley – Sustainable PlacesResearch Associate. Blogs about Sustainable Development education.

Dr Elen Stokes – Law affiliate. Blogging about issues relating to environmental law.

Ella Furness – Sustainable Places PhD student. Blogging about nature and ecological restoration.

Dr Daniel Newman – Sustainable Places Research Associate. Blogging about Sustainable Transport and mobility.

Natalie Small – Sustainable Places Research Associate. Blogging about on nature/eco systems.

Dr Anna Grear – Law Affiliate. Blogging about human rights and the environment.

Dr Andrew P. Kythreotis Planning and Geography Affiliate. Blogging about climate change and governance.


Sustainable Places also regularly host visiting researchers from around the world, as well as hosting large public lectures. We hope to share a blog post from our visitors about the research and events occuring here at the Institute.


We hope this blog will provide you with an insight in to the current issues and topics of interest to academics in Sustainabile place making.


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