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How universities can help academics do the right thing on carbon

Posted on 17 September 2019 by Sustainable Places

Dr Ella Furness If we’re serious about sustainability, flying is a real problem for environmental academics, but the new trend of flight shaming won’t help us: collective action will.  The term ‘flygsham’ (usually translated from the Swedish as ‘flight shame’) is up there with ‘weaponize’ and ‘influencer’ as a contender for inclusion in the 2019
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Regrow Borneo and leadership in the face of the climate crisis

Posted on 26 July 2019 by Sustainable Places

We’ve been asking ourselves what we can do to tackle climate change. Earlier this year, the Welsh Government and Cardiff University’s student body, through the Students’ Union, declared a climate emergency. It’s right that Cardiff University should be setting an example, as an educator of future generations, to demonstrate leadership in the face of the
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Running and neoliberalism

Posted on 9 July 2019 by Sustainable Places

Dr Sara MacBride- Stewart Going for a morning run in Sao Paulo while attending a Latin American research network meeting on neoliberalism and subjectivity, gave me some time to reflect on my experience of negotiating unfamiliar streets and on the question of what makes a megacity, runnable? More specifically, in asking how it was possible
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Climate Change, Environment

The ethics of the climate emergency

Posted on 8 July 2019 by Sustainable Places

Professor Robin Attfield During the last week of February we experienced the warmest Winter day since records began, with a high of 20.6 degrees (Celsius) at Trawscoed in mid-Wales. As if that was not enough, the record was broken again the next day with 21.2 degrees at Kew Gardens. This unseasonable weather is one of
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