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We’re back

19 October 2020

After an extended hiatus, we are pleased to say we have dusted off the cobwebs and are back in the swing of things*.

A lot has happened since the last Surfing Research post. Not least of which included seeing the world fall into a global pandemic. But alas, we are not here to dwell on that for the moment. In other news, Lyndsey used lockdown to knuckle down and has submitted her PhD thesis! She is back from the sunny shores of San Diego and anticipates news of her Viva any day now whilst relocated on the somewhat stormier coast of Ogmore beach.

I also take this opportunity to introduce myself, a newly appointed 1+3 PhD student supervised by Professor Jon Anderson alongside Lyndsey at the Cardiff University School of Social and Cultural Geography. Though really, no one is studying alongside anyone these days as we’re all burrowed away remotely, staring into our laptops as we wait out a second lockdown in Wales. Interested in arctic surfing, cold water swimming, (blue) health geographies, non-representational theory and therapeutic landscapes, you will be hearing plenty from me as more and more people are noticing the benefits of (cold) water on their mental (and physical) health.

We have many things for you in store (we’ve had some time on our hands..) including the launch of a new artificial wave surf survey, exciting postgraduate researcher news from Lyndsey and reflections on some of the scenes in the surfing community we saw emerge as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic over the past months.

Thank you for reading and stay tuned!

*As much as can be swung from the limitations of ones own home