We’re back

Posted on 19 October 2020 by Tirion Jenkins

After an extended hiatus, we are pleased to say we have dusted off the cobwebs and are back in the swing of things*. A lot has happened since the last Surfing Research post. Not least of which included seeing the world fall into a global pandemic. But alas, we are not here to dwell on
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More than Dolphin Geographies

Posted on 4 December 2019 by Lyndsey Stoodley

At Mission Beach last week I watched a pod of around 10 dolphins play in the surf. They read the waves better than any human surfer in the lineup, taking the best set waves and riding them towards the shore. Their fins would be visible again soon after the wave had broken, seamlessly reappearing back
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Why Feminism in Surf is Needed – A Response

Posted on 30 October 2019 by Lyndsey Stoodley

By Danielle Robertson This piece is a collection of voices from the female surfing community who wanted to respond to a piece printed in Wavelength magazine in July 2019, which we felt didn’t give a fair or global view of women’s surfing today. Surf related Feminism or ‘Surfeminism’ is a developing movement. The term itself
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Surfbreak Protection Map

Posted on 5 September 2019 by Lyndsey Stoodley

Oops! It’s been so long since I have updated this. Lots has happened. I’m somehow now in the writing up phase of my PhD programme! I completed a second phase of fieldwork in Australia where I spent 3 weeks on the Gold Coast conducting interviews and further ethnographic observations. I’m now lucky enough to be
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International Collaboration: Phase 2

Posted on 13 September 2017 by Lyndsey Stoodley

I’m in California! Phase two of our international collaboration scoping trip is now in full swing. After a quick tour of Hollywood, a stroll along Venice Beach and a few hours spent in L.A traffic, I’m in San Diego to meet with Dr Jess Ponting, Director of the Centre for Surf Research at San Diego
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Sounds of surfing

Posted on 29 June 2017 by Lyndsey Stoodley

Boom crash, swoosh. The ocean is well known for its distinguishable sound, the wind, water and waves all moving around, shouting their presence.  Their absence is quickly noticed on a calm day, the stillness almost eerie as the water glistens and the calls of the birds take centre stage. A summers day can sound different
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Surfing: a specific & special label?

Posted on 5 June 2017 by Lyndsey Stoodley

“Hey, do you want to go surfing? There’s a wave today.” “Yeah sure. I’ll grab my board, we’ll drive to the beach, we’ll get changed and we’ll go in the sea and catch some waves. That’s surfing, right?”   Well it sounds about right; all definitions of surfing involve some sort of immersion in water
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It’s actually a bit like Aberavon…

Posted on 20 January 2017 by Lyndsey Stoodley

  After a couple of days having China reminding me how much tougher it is than me (we’ll save those stories for another day, or you can check out for a glimpse of my time there in 2013), I arrived exhausted in Australia.  I don’t seem to be content with making things easy for
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An Adventure in International Collaboration

Posted on 16 January 2017 by Lyndsey Stoodley

The big research trip begins. A few months ago, before I started my PhD, my supervisor made me aware of a funding opportunity and set me a task of doing some research, sending some emails and then together we submitted an application to Cardiff University’s International Collaboration Seedcorn Fund.  The plan was ambitious, a little
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Sun, Sand and Studying: a PhD about Surfing

Posted on 6 January 2017 by Lyndsey Stoodley

This blog is going to document the trials, tribulations and travels that I encounter as I work towards a PhD on surfing as a social movement.  Yes, surfing. But it’s not going to be all sunsets, salty eyes and stereotypes. My project is titled “The World Surfing Reserves Phenomenon: Evaluating protection and practise in the littoral zone”,
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