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Surfbreak Protection; Threats and Responses

Surfbreak Protection Map

5 September 2019

Oops! It’s been so long since I have updated this. Lots has happened.

I’m somehow now in the writing up phase of my PhD programme! I completed a second phase of fieldwork in Australia where I spent 3 weeks on the Gold Coast conducting interviews and further ethnographic observations. I’m now lucky enough to be based at the Centre for Surf Research at San Diego State University for the next few months to get focused and finished.

I am working on my second big question which is looking at the aims of the enviro-surf community, the development of some of the strategies in place to protect waves, and considering who they are being protected for.

To try and clear up in my mind what is going on in the threatened/protected wave world I have been playing around with maps. I have tried to make a visual snapshot which consolidates information about the various types of protection initatives that are in place, and which spots are considered threatened, or ‘endangered’.

The map so far

I couldn’t get the map to embed properly, but there’s if you click on the image it’ll take you to it. Maybe we can look at crowdsourcing some information to add to it at some point. I’ve used a range of sources to get it here, and its really a work in progress but I think it gives a good indication of where there are problems and where there is activism. Though it’s given me what i need for this section I’m working on at the moment, I’m planning to add more detail to the map as I go.