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Would you like to become a Student Wellbeing Champion? We are now recruiting volunteers!

Jo, from the Student Wellbeing Team, talks about how you can become a Student Wellbeing Champion

Are you passionate about your own wellbeing? Passionate about the wellbeing of others? A caring person? A great communicator? Eager to increase self-awareness, confidence and self-esteem? Wanting to further your employability skills?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, please read on!


What is a Wellbeing Champion?

In 2015, the Counselling, Health and Wellbeing Team launched the Wellbeing Champion Programme, because we wanted to build on something that already happens, informally, within the student population: Peer Support.

Wellbeing Champions are student volunteers who support other students to look after their wellbeing.

Wellbeing Champions offer information and practical help to fellow students; promoting the importance of self-care, providing advice and signposting on a range of wellbeing-related issues and taking part in wellbeing promotion activities across campus.

By being visible around the university, Wellbeing Champions also play a vital role in reducing the stigma which still exists around talking about mental health and wellbeing.


What will you gain from being a wellbeing champion?

Wellbeing Champions are voluntary roles; however, we guarantee that you will gain a great deal personally from the experience, including (but by no means limited to!):

· A wide range of transferable skills in listening, communicating and relating to others

· Increased self-awareness, confidence, and self-esteem

· A greater ability to manage your time, set boundaries, and care for yourself

· Friendship and support within the team

Any Wellbeing Champion who is also doing the Cardiff Award can count their hours towards the award, and Wellbeing Champions are also eligible for Millennium Volunteers hours – another great initiative to have your volunteering nationally recognised!


How much time is involved?

We understand the pressures of busy timetables, social commitments and academic study and, for this reason, our programme is highly flexible.

As a minimum requirement, we ask that Champions participate in 2 x Events or wellbeing-related activities (e.g. Blog writing, etc.) per semester and that Champions attend at least 1 x ‘Check-In’ support session per semester with one of the Programme Co-ordinators.

However, aside from this minimum requirement, there is no fixed stipulation for participation; you can participate as much or as little as you wish! Events and activities will be planned throughout the year and your attendance will be determined simply by whether you are available and whether you would like to take part.


What training will I need?

We provide 3 full days of training which are compulsory to attend. This training covers the basics of listening, communication skills, information-giving, health and wellbeing promotion and self-care.

Our latest training will be taking place on: Saturday 21st October, Wednesday 25th October and Saturday 28th October 2017.

All applicants must attend the full 3 days of training in order to become a Wellbeing Champion.

If you are not able to attend these dates, unfortunately we would not be able to consider your application on this occasion; however, please know that we will be recruiting again in early 2018, with our next 3 Day Training Programme scheduled to run in March / April 2018.


How do I apply?

If you are interested in becoming a Wellbeing Champion, please visit our intranet page (search ‘Become a Wellbeing Champion’), to access a full Job Description and to complete our Online Application Form.

We warmly welcome all applications. In particular we welcome applications from students who identify as male, non-binary and trans, as these identities are currently under-represented in our team.

The deadline for applications is midnight on Sunday 1st October.

If you have any questions about the Wellbeing Champion Programme or how to apply, please email us at: and we will be delighted to help.

We very much hope to receive your application soon!


Best wishes,

Jo, Counselling, Health & Wellbeing Team.

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  • Henry

    Worked as a student wellbeing helper in my third year at Bangor a few years back.
    To anyone in two minds about signing up I’d say go for it.
    Hugely rewarding and a great way of connecting with new people – and for anyone with little of no work experience it’s a useful addition to your skillset, which as anyone in their final year will tell you, is always a good thing.

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